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Our team of the best psychiatrists in Gurgaon offers all these three qualities of a great psychiatrist.

Before a psychiatrist can present a diagnosis, they need to conduct a physical and mental assessment of a patient, understand their medical history, and make a note of their symptoms and behavioral patterns. Only after a thorough evaluation can a psychiatrist suggest a treatment plan. This treatment plan may be a combination of medication management, counselling sessions and alternative therapies. Depending on patient condition, a psychiatrist may even suggest a residential treatment program.

This is primarily an outpatient care setting in which the psychiatrist conducts the initial assessment of the patient and uses medication to help the patient overcome their psychological disorder or condition.

Psychiatrists and psychologists use counselling sessions to create awareness about the mental health disorder, build solidarity, teach the patient coping skills, and slowly help the patient transition into normal life, among others. This works best combined with medication management.

These therapies, in conjunction with medication management and counselling sessions, encourage the patient to consistently follow a healthy and active lifestyle.

A residential treatment program requires the patient to reside in a mental health treatment center for the duration of the treatment. During the treatment, an experienced and skilled medical team administers the determined treatment program to the patient.

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